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August 11, 2012
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MLP Tropics Adoptables: Xalre by Kayla-san MLP Tropics Adoptables: Xalre by Kayla-san
Well, this was fun to say the least! :D I'm going to do a little explaining for each one, in case the tropical/exotic-ness isn't clear on them all. XD

1: A pink, hula dancing, pinapple pony. |D Yes, all of that ties together. A pineapple is not only a tropical fruit, but is also a smbol of hospitality. C:

2: What's more exotic than jaguars and leopards? Hmm? >w>

3: Tropical fish-sea-pony

4: Gyspy. Not tropical. :D

5: One of my favorites, I must say. Based on one of my favoritest birds of paradise. Here's a youtube link for a video of the pretty bird. Skip to about 1:00 to see his dancing stud in action. :D [link]

6: A zony. A cross between a zebra, and a pony. while most real-life zonies and zorses are normal colors, a tropical, sandy zony seems to fit right in in the MLP universe. :meow:

This is an adoption sheet commissioned by ~Xalre That means that they recieve first pick of any, or all of the adoptables! However, if you follow the rules below, you may be able to have any of the ones they don't pick.

1: All applicants MUST fill out an application. The application is more detailed than the previous one. You must comment describing the pony you want, and with this application. A star means that the information is optional.


2: These ponies are not a "first come first serve" Like my previous ones. These ponies will be handed out to the people who gave the clearest, most detailed, most well thought out applications. So it doesn't matter who gets there first. So fill out your application carefully for a better chance of winning the pony.

3: This sheet of adoptables will have applications open for one week. (7 days) then I will close the adoption, and review the applications. I'll pick the best app, and message the user that they were picked.

4: Once a user has been picked, they have three (3) days to write a short story, or draw a picture of the pony to "claim" it. If they fail to do so, I will pick the next best application, and repeat the process.

5: I will IGNORE any comments that just say "I want # 4 please." Fill. Out. The. Form. If you want a pony, you MUST fill out an application. Otherwise, you miss out.

6: NO BASES. I'm serious, guys. Bases/generators are fun and all, but I want to see you put some effort into these characters. I put effort into drawing them for you, and I expect you to return the favor.

7: 1 person, per pony, per sheet. No multible adopts for one page UNLESS they are the commissioner of the sheet.

1: ~Xalre
2: ~Xalre
3: ~Xalre
4: ~Xalre
5: ~Xalre
6: ~Xalre

(As a side note, I added sexual orientation to the list of information because I, as a christian, do not believe in or support a sexual relationship between anything other that one man and one woman. This is my belief, and I would ask that if you do not think this rule fair, please pass this adoptable sheet by. I am not trying to offend, but I would not feel comfortable giving someone a character I made if the character themselves are going to represent something I strongly oppose. Again, I mean no offence to anyone. I'm just trying to save people time if they mark their character as anything other than heterosexual, because the applcation will not be considered for adoption.
Thank you for reading, and I appreciate those who will follow the rules. Again, if you do not like this rule, I ask you to please pass this sheet by. Thank you. )
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5 plz (the black one)
NAME: Jynks (pronounced Jinx)
AGE: 20 
SHORT HISTORY: Jynks was named after being born as nightmare energy (what turned Luna into Nightmare Moon),being forced into a shapeshifting machine, thus becoming a pony. When he was 17, he moved to Canterlot to live with his Sister-In-Law,Princess Luna.He spends most of his time eating...:| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) 
mangagirl2117 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
are they all taken?
Kayla-san Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
All these are taken, yes. c: > I'm sorry.
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so wait r these closed or wut
Kayla-san Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
These are closed, yes. c:
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okeh thx
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Crap! should have read the comments first dang it!!!
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It's alright. :D No harm done.
flutterluver101 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014

Is number 1 taken?(pink pony)

NAME: Honalulu
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight. Has no feelings for anypony special, yet.
SHORT HISTORY: She moved to Ponyville when she was 17 and brought along her pet parakeet tropic. Her mother, Pink Sunset, and father, Salt Waters wanted their "little filly" to experience the world.
LIKES: Exotic music, freestyle dancing, singing (I didn't say she was good), talking, writing journal entries, sketching scenery.
DISLIKES: Ponies who dislike the tropics, bigtime cityfolk, animals in cages, dressing formaly, taxes.
*FAMILY: kind of got explained in the "short history" section.
*HOBBIES: messy crafts, dancing
*FRIENDS: Mystic Jemstone (oc), Rain Flicker (oc), Peach Heart (oc), and Blue Prism (oc)
*WHERE THEY LIVE: Now she lives in ponyville

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